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The Mystery about Mystery KAL’s or CAL’s

I love mysteries….mystery books, mystery movies, even mystery food! I just enjoy watching or reading (or tasting) to see how it ends.

That’s why I love Mystery KAL’s. A Mystery KAL (or knit-a-long) is one in which a part of a pattern (clue) is released on a regular basis. It could be released weekly, every-other-day, or even monthly, depending upon the designer’s whim. You really do not know how the final product looks until you finish the last stitch.

There are all kinds of Mystery KALs as well as Mystery Crochet-alongs. You can usually find them in the afghans, bags, shawls, socks, and dishcloth threads on Ravelry. You can even join Mystery swaps.

If you would like to join a Mystery KAL or CAL, there are a few tips that I have learned:

  1. Plan to use more yarn than the design calls for. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  2. Some Mystery KAL or CAL patterns are free; others are for a small fee. Most designers, if they charge, often charge a bit less if you purchase the pattern before the KAL or CAL ends.
  3. Find a local buddy to follow the KAL with you. You and she/he can serve as inspiration and nearby help.
  4. Always knit/crochet a swatch before beginning the first clue to make sure that you have gauge.
  5. As each clue is revealed, wait a day or so until you begin knitting that part. While designers work very hard to to have error-free patterns, it does sometimes happen. You’ll save yourself a lot of frog-pond time if you wait.
  6. Check your KAL’s Ravelry thread often for pattern errors.
  7. If you get in trouble, go to the Ravelry thread and ask. You can email the designer, but most often someone else has had the same  problem and can help. Likewise, be willing to answer if someone else asks and you can help.
  8. Keep in mind there is a chance that you will not fit/like/need/want the final product once you have knitted it. It IS a MYSTERY knit-along after all. If that’s the case, either give it away or frog it and use the yarn for something else.
  9. Most Mystery KAL’s have two threads in their Ravelry group. One is for pictures to be posted by those who have completed the clues (a spoiler thread) and one is for no pictures (no spoilers) but just questions, comments, etc. You can choose to either peek or not to see how the product is coming along.

Have I helped you clarify the mystery in Mystery KALs?


My 2012 Knitting Resolutions

Please pardon me, dear readers, for not blogging much the last few months. I was quite busy with Christmas knitting (will post pictures soon) and, of course, the “job that pays for the yarn that keeps Cindy knitting and sane!”

So, without further ado, here are my very own 2012 Knitting Resolutions:

  1. Before June 1, learn a new technique – knitting with beads.
  2. In the Summer, participate in the 2012 Ravelympics games.
  3. Knit from my stash yarn one project a month.
  4. Knit one item from my WIP, current kit projects (not listed on my Ravelry project page), or hibernating projects every other month.
  5. Teach someone else to knit and continue to encourage all knitters, new and experienced!
  6. Knit a pair of socks every other month.
  7. Knit 4 items (once a quarter) for charity projects (i.e. newborn caps, prayer shawls, etc.).
  8. Take pictures and put my yarn stash on Ravelry to help me keep organized.

So there are my 2012 resolutions. While I belong to several groups of “12 in 2012,” I don’t think that I want to plan to knit 12 of anything for this year. If it happens anyway, it will be a lucky coincidence!

So, dear reader, do you have any knitting resolutions? Feel free to share with me. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on my progress throughout the year, as well.


The “Siren” Call of New Yarn!

Siren Yarn with a Lovely Card to boot!

My swap yarn from the Blog Hub at Ravelry came Thursday. I love it! Thanks to Christine (whose Ravelry name is Yarnaboutyarn and her blog is Yarn about yarn.) Check it out!

The yarn itself is a hand-dyed DK weight washable wool and the color name on the label is “Siren!” How cool is that!  My swap partner tells me that her local yarn shop owner hand dyed it herself. And it is from the Land Down Under! Now I know why it took so long to get to me!!! Not that I’m complaining…..I was waiting patiently as I had plenty of other projects in the queue to occupy my time.

Now, I need some help to decide what to make with this lovely yarn! It feels very soft and squishy, so it could be a small cowl or scarf or maybe even a hat. Any ideas?  Right now, I am leaning towards the Grace Lace Beret.

Let me know your ideas!!!


From My Blog Hub Swap Partner

How I Adore Swaps.

I am so very glad that my swap partner loved the yarn I sent! Reposting from her blog. Check it out!

A New Adventure Is Coming My Way!

On Ravelry’s Blog Hub Group, I am participating in a Yarn Swap Adventure! I had to find a skein of yarn in my stash, mail it to another blogger and then blog about yarn that I receive from another blogger, as well as whatever project I determine to do with that said yarn.

I chose a nice selection of hand-dyed sock yarn for my recipient. I chose it because it reminded me of the barns here in Southern Indiana, and my recipient is in Germany. She should be getting her yarn any day now.

I can’t wait to see what I get! I’ll be posting a picture, as well as ideas on what project to use for the yarn as soon as I can!

In the meantime, here is a Flicker set of Southern Indiana Barn Photos. Enjoy!