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Lost: Knitting Mojo. If you find it, please send it back!

Excuse me, tap, tap, tap….have you seen my Knitting Mojo? It’s pretty large and kinda hard to miss. I know that it was here a few weeks ago, but now it’s gone! Kaput! It’s been about two weeks and I haven’t really knit anything! Okay, maybe a dishcloth or two, but really! I have at least 3 pairs of socks plus a shawl to knit for Christmas presents…not to mention all the knitting for myself! My Knitting Mojo has just vanished into thin (and hot and humid) air!

I could blame it on the heat. Here is the Midwest, we have been under several weeks of unrelenting heat waves. Yesterday’s heat index got up to 115 degrees! So, yes, I have been using the heat as an excuse for many things….”Sorry, hubby, I did not wash the clothes BECAUSE IT WAS TOO HOT!” “Yes, boss, I forgot to write up an advertising order BECAUSE IT WAS TOO HOT!” Well, you get the picture. But it’s  not the heat, because I was knitting up a storm in July during the last heat wave.

Well, I guess I’ll just get off the computer and look around the house again. I only have about 30 different bags with projects in them….maybe it’s in one of those bags? Or maybe I left it with the new yarn I bought from Atkinson Farm Yarns a few weeks ago? Hmmmmm, come to think of it, it might even be in that new knitting book I left on the nightstand.

TTFN, Cindy