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The Yarn Not Taken*

*With deepest apologies to Robert Frost 🙂

Two yarns emerged from the yarn shop bin,

One hand dyed, one-hundred-percent wool, a beautiful spin.

Its colors shone in the shop’s afternoon light.

The dyer’s skill, it seems, was just right.


I could knit it into a gorgeous shawl,

Add a beautiful pin and be the belle of the ball….

No, wait! Maybe make a lovely sweater,

Using a pattern to make the colors shine better and better!


Next to it, I spied a skein of sock yarn,

Kettle-dyed, its colorway reminded me of an old barn–

Reds and browns, even a hint of heather.

Ah! Socks that could be worn in any weather!


Washable wool and very soft to touch,

I checked the price– it was not too much!

I stood in the shop, both yarns in my hands,

Knowing that new yarn was not in my budget plans.


I thought: “The holidays are coming. I can make great gifts,”

“Or some charity knitting to give someone’s spirit a lift.”

I quickly calculated the cost of both treasures,

And added in my knitting time pleasure.


 Two yarns emerged so I made my decision,

From the heart and, perhaps, from some future vision.

Two yarns emerged from the shop in Vincennes…

And I? I took them BOTH and that has made all of the difference!