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Mom’s Sweater or Where Are They Now?

I pretty much learned the knitting basics at Jimtown Junior High School in Elkhart, IN. But I had to learn all the finer techniques on my own. This was more than 40 years ago (Wow! I am old!) That was long before the Internet (i.e. Ravelry , Yahoogroups, YouTube, etc.); long before my town had a decent yarn shop; long before I knew there were others like me who loved to knit.

But there was Mary Maxim. I could purchase yarn and a pattern in a kit. So I knitted kit sweaters for my family.

I did not know about Intarsia or Fair Isle knitting so I learned through trial and error. I did not know anything about garment finishing, like blocking and seaming.

But no matter how my sweaters turned out, my parents loved them and wore them often. When Mom passed away, my Dad gave me back her sweater, as well as all the other things I had knitted for her.

So even though I am slightly ashamed of the imperfect sweaters, I am very proud that I could make something warm that my Mother loved.

Without much further ado, here is a photo of me wearing my Mom’s sweater.

Me in Mom