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Dog Is Lucky To Still Be Alive!

Sooo, I was knitting on a pair of Christmas socks at lunch time. When lunch was over, I just dropped the ball  of yarn and needles in my purse so it was located very close to the top.

I arrive home and, as usual, my hands are full of groceries, mail, purse, briefcase, etc. So I drop my purse on the porch to fish out my house key and unlock the door.

As the door opens, both dogs rush out like a shot. There is Ricco, my son’s black Lab that hubby and I have inherited,  and Soxs, our elderly beagle-mix.  Both almost knock things out of my hands so I proceed inside to place the groceries on the table. A few minutes later, I hunt for my purse…oh yeah! It’s outside!

When I reach the porch, I see that my purse is there, but the ball of yarn with needles is not! Hmmmm…Further out in the yard I see the needles, followed by a looooooong string that leads me to around the side of the house where my ball of yarn (now quite unwound) lies.

Apparently, Ricco thought my ball of yarn was a ball for his pleasure!

That dog is lucky I don’t believe in capital punishment!