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Knitting as Therapy

Knitting is therapy for me. The “clackity clack” of the needles as they rub together, the feel of the soft yarn, the joy I feel when I see the knitted piece come together…it gives me a zen-type tranquility. I like to imagine that this is how God felt as He created our world. First, there is nothing but the bare idea, then a small, thin thread appears. After a bit, the thread joins other threads to form an object. Finally, the object has a more definate shape!
Yes, I sometimes get frustrated, even bored with a particular piece of knitting, so I put it in “time out,” until I either finish it or frog it. But the whole creative process is one of joy and peace. It is my mark on the world, so to speak.
Pictured is my Whirling Blue Dervish Shawl, recently gifted to my niece, Ann Marie.