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We are Easter People!

Because Jesus rose from the grave that first Easter, joy and hope characterize our lives. We are Easter People! In fact, an early name for Christians was Easter People. We are a resurrection people; the people who proclaim life in a world of death and destruction.


The Easter Season is a wonderful time for families to spend together reflecting on their lives as believers, as well as their relationship with each other. It is the perfect time to help our children better understand the significance of the Easter season. It is more about the Bible than bunnies!


While the secular world attributes Easter with bunnies, chocolates, and eggs, Easter is first and foremost about Jesus and His ultimate expression of love for us. Keep everything focused on the Bible. With younger preschoolers, it means telling the simple story of Jesus and the children (Mark 10:13-16). Remind the preschoolers that Jesus loves them and He wants them to love Him.


Older preschoolers and children can hear the story of Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection in a way that instills hope and joy. Tell the story factually from the Scripture (Mark 15-16). Avoid offering nonbiblical details about the brutality of Jesus’ death. Emphasize that Jesus is now alive!


Discuss and plan activities that can help each family member focus on the significance of Easter. Plan a convenient time for a daily family devotional. Remind your family members every day that God loves them. Talk about ways that show provides for them, such as food, family members, clothing, and water. Encourage your children to pray, both alone and with family members. Provide an opportunity during the Holy Week for your family to help someone else. Share the gospel with older children using the “ABC’s of Becoming a Christian,” and encourage your children to tell their friends about the promise of the resurrection and how they, too, can become Easter People. After all, as Easter people we cannot afford to simply see and believe and return home if hope is to proliferate in our world. It is our mission to go into our small corner of the world announcing and giving witness to the truth that he is alive! Alleluia!