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When I was in grade school and we were playing a game, we would over allow one “do over” — in other words, you were allowed to do the action again to try to “get it right.” That’s how this blog got started…I was not happy with the way my other blog was going so I am dong a “DO OVER.”

Hmmm…giving yourself permission to “DO OVER.” That’s pretty good advice to give to new knitters. You don’t like the look of your work in progress? DO OVER. Think the knitted piece is getting too big or not big enough? DO OVER. The pattern is too busy…too complicated…too whatever? DO OVER.

Frogging (you know, rip, rip, rip rip out) your knitting seems so sad until you tell yourself, “It’s a DO OVER so I can do it better.” Those simple words makes it seem like it’s just another part of the knitting process. It’s as natural as choosing your needles and yarn.

People often tell me that my knitting is so “lovely.” It’s because I DO OVER…..a LOT!

And I’m in good company, too. It took Thomas Edison over 10 thousand different experiments for him to invent the first incandescent light bulb.The Wright brothers had numerous failures and crashes before they were able to pursue their goal of powered, controlled, piloted flight. Walt Disney failed in several areas, including being fired because he “had no good ideas,” before he drew the famous mouse with theme parks all over the world!

See! DO OVERS helped make this country great! So to all you knitters¬† out there, don’t be afraid to DO OVER your knitting. It’s good advice.

TTFN, Cindy