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The Best Knitting Advice I Was Ever Given

“Read Your Knitting!” Watch as you knit the first few rows/sections of a pattern. That was the very best advice I was given. It has come in handy over the many years, but was really brought to my attention this weekend as I was knitting my “In the Land of Oz” shawl.

Here’s how my weekend went:

Knit, knit, knit. Oh no! I am off “blankety blank stitches!” Tink* back, tink back! Count, count! Oh no! I am still  off “blankety blank stitches!” Now, rip, rip, rip!  So, I turned off the TV and restarted the shawl. Once I got to Chart 2, row 5, I could see how the stitches formed for the pattern so I think I am doing alright now.

Yep! I read the pattern. There were some visual clues to show me how the loops of one row formed to connect with the rows below and this knowledge helped me to find and fix mistakes before I had to frog**the project again!

Whew! Am I glad that I was given that advice early in my knitting days!


*Tink means to knit backwards or to carefully take one stitch at a time off the Needle 1 and put them on Needle 2 to redo that row or rows.

**Frog means to pull the entire project off the needles and rip, rip, rip back either to the beginning or to a certain row!