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A Tribute to My Soxs

Soxs, the dog, came to us about 18 years ago, when my son was 9 years old. We had lost our Poodle, Marci, and Jason and I were miserable without a loving dog. So we went to the local Animal Shelter and he found Soxs. She adored him. But, she did NOT like adults. AT ALL! In fact, she would growl and try to bite me and my hubby. I could not abide that, so I threatened to take her back but Jason did not want that to happen. Hubby came up with a compromise. He would find a dog trainer (animal whisperer), who would help Soxs and us adjust. And he did. Soxs did okay but was still growling and biting us every chance she got. It seemed that we would have to take her back to the shelter.

Then we moved to the country and I decided that Soxs could be an outdoors dog. Our first night in the country, we kept her outside all night long. And she howled! And she howled! And she howled! Right outside our bedroom window! She howled so much that she became hoarse. Luckily, our nearest neighbor lived several miles away. The next day, Jason went to school and hubby and I stayed home to unpack. So we brought Soxs inside. From that day forward, she did not growl or bite at us. I guess she decided that she had better behave!

As Jason grew up and went away from home, Soxs and I became very close. She would love to snuggle with me. She was a great companion while hubby worked nights! I was very glad that I decided to keep her.

Earlier this summer, our dear Soxs passed away. She was by this time, at least 19 years of age– which is a very long time for a dog! I started this blog with her name because she would keep me company as I knit at night waiting for hubby to come home from work. I miss her very much.

Rest in Peace, dear Soxs! I know you’ll be waiting for me at the The Rainbow Bridge.

Soxs - May 2013

Dog Is Lucky To Still Be Alive!

Sooo, I was knitting on a pair of Christmas socks at lunch time. When lunch was over, I just dropped the ball  of yarn and needles in my purse so it was located very close to the top.

I arrive home and, as usual, my hands are full of groceries, mail, purse, briefcase, etc. So I drop my purse on the porch to fish out my house key and unlock the door.

As the door opens, both dogs rush out like a shot. There is Ricco, my son’s black Lab that hubby and I have inherited,  and Soxs, our elderly beagle-mix.  Both almost knock things out of my hands so I proceed inside to place the groceries on the table. A few minutes later, I hunt for my purse…oh yeah! It’s outside!

When I reach the porch, I see that my purse is there, but the ball of yarn with needles is not! Hmmmm…Further out in the yard I see the needles, followed by a looooooong string that leads me to around the side of the house where my ball of yarn (now quite unwound) lies.

Apparently, Ricco thought my ball of yarn was a ball for his pleasure!

That dog is lucky I don’t believe in capital punishment!