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Yarn Diets Are Like Food Diets…Just A Suggestion!

In January, I laid to rest my beloved Father and had to deal with the clearing out of his Florida home. He had a lot of stuff for his 87 years of life. When I got home, I looked around my much-cluttered home and thought, “I gotta start uncluttering NOW!”

Thus began my 2015 Yarn Diet. I decided to not purchase yarn but use something from my stash. Simple, huh?

Then I found out that a new, local yarn shop was opening up not more than 10 miles from my home. Uh oh! Of course, I had to visit! And then I had to buy some lovely yarn!

Okay. So Yarn Diets are like Food Diets (at least to me)….just a suggestion!


Dad and me a few years back.

Dad and me a few years back.