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The New Adventures of Old Cindy

(My apologies to the TV sitcom show with a very similar name.)

I really love knitting, but there are times when my enthusiasm wanes. Then, I put down the needles and take a break, usually to read a novel.

After a while, I find a new knitting book, see a friend demonstrate a new technique, or just happen to visit my LYS (local yarn shop) and discover an exciting new yarn and VOILA! Excitement galore!

Well, I have been knitting for 41 years and thought that I knew my “knitting parameters.” You know, those areas in which you feel most comfortable. Everyone has them. One person may knit mostly lace; another knits socks; a third uses only double point  needles or knits only with a certain type of yarn. It’s the way you’re used to knitting what you’ve knitted with whatever you like to knit with.

OK. That last sentence was awkward, but to press on —

My knitting parameters were mostly socks, knitted on double point or magic loop (one circular needle), cuff down. I have knitted so many socks in this manner that I could probably knit a pair in my sleep.

But I’m getting bored. It’s the “same ole, same ole.” So this summer, I have vowed to try something new and adventurous.

My first adventure was to sign up for Stitches Midwest (http://www.knittinguniverse.com/flash/events/EventDetail.php?EventID=43)  and take  a class to learn how to design socks. After all, I have already redesigned several socks as I knit the patterns so I feel that just maybe I can design a pattern or two.

Next, I decided to try some type of new technique. Originally, my plan was to learn toe-up sock knitting, but fate stepped in.

Well, fate in the form of my LYS — Atkinson Farm Yarns — anyway! It was there I found Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways for Sock Knitting: Book Onehttp://www.catbordhi.com/  Aha! Now I can learn several techniques as I go!

Thus the reasoning for my blog heading, “The New Adventures of Old Cindy.”

As of now, no, I have not started my new technique…yet. Once I have finished reading Cat’s first couple of chapters, then cast on I will!

So how about you, dear reader? Are you like me…stuck in a knitting rut? I encourage — NAY CHALLENGE — you to work your own way about of this rut! Try something new, visit a new LYS, take a class, whatever!

As I remind DH when he notes that I am ONCE AGAIN frogging a knitting project (see my first blog DO OVER), knitting for me is sometimes a PROCESS and not necessarily a PROJECT!

Knit on!