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The Appetizer Time or Something to Aspire To

I really do love this time of planning a new project…a time when I begin gathering information, look for new ideas, sort through my yarns to see if any of them would be good for this or that project. I feel like this is the appetizer before the main course. And I do love appetizers. So, now I begin to search projects on Ravelry for my next big project.

I am seriously thinking about knitting a beaded shawl as my next big project. I might even knit it as part of the next Ravelympics.

I am torn between Traveling Woman 20110328-062541.jpg

or Christmas Lights Shawl Both shawl pictures are from their Ravelry sites.

A couple of gals in my weekly knitting/crocheting group want to do a beaded project as well. So it may end up being something totally different as I may knit what they are knitting.