Project Knitter or Process Knitter?

Do you like to knit just one or two projects at a time? Does it bother you to start another project when you haven’t finished your current one? Then, you’re probably a project knitter. Project knitters prefer to work on a very small number of projects at a time. They will usually keep knitting the same item until it’s all finished. They may even refuse to look at other patterns or window-shop at yarn shops until they are done. I really admire project knitters. I am definitely NOT one of them!

I belong to the process knitter category. I love trying new techniques, or new yarn. I may get partway through a project and quit. I’ve been known to have something almost completely finished, and I end up frogging it. I know I have at least 10 projects on needles all around my house. It’s rare that I knit the same pattern more than once.

There’s room in our knit world for both types of knitters. Project knitters awe and inspire me. My project friends help me persevere through my tough knitting projects. And as a process knitter, I am sometimes the first to learn a new technique and I teach it to my friends. I also find a lot of new patterns to share with them.

Check out the baby blanket that I knitted just because I wanted to try the patterns. I didn’t have six colors of the DK yarn, so I improvised and used three colors. I think it turned out great.

Which one are you? Whether you’re a process or project knitter, you’re always welcome in my knit group!



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