I’m Beginning to Knit for Christmas….(Sung to “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas”)

I absolutely love, love, love hand-made gifts! But, until recently, I never gave that many out to my friends and family. So, what changed? My knitting organization plans!

Now, beginning every July and through December,  I use the first two weeks to knit Christmas gifts only. The last two weeks can be whatever kind of knitting I want to do–even Christmas knitting, if I so choose.

It worked beautifully last year so I am really putting it to the test this year as I am giving away a number of shawls and shawlettes to some of my good friends.

To help me organize, I pulled out the yarn that I wanted to use (nearly all of it is stash yarn), then chose the patterns I wanted to do. I then put all of the patterns in plastic sleeves and into a one-inch binder. The patterns that I used and completed are in the back of the binder. That way, if I decide that I want to knit another shawl/etc., the pattern will be nearby.

How do you plan your Christmas knitting? I would love to know!

What’s on my needles today? Well, since it is still in the LAST two weeks of the month, it’s something for me. A shawl, of course.

Heartland Lace Shawl


2 responses to “I’m Beginning to Knit for Christmas….(Sung to “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas”)

  1. I got smart. I gave out cards with a choice of item to a few close friends. Then we went to Chery’s so they could pick yarn. I have already made all the siblings and other family members at least one knit item, so now I am done with them. I did that for their birthdays one year. that way it wasn’t 30 items at one time.

  2. What a great idea…..
    I have a few knitted gifts in my gift drawer..no one in mind for them yet ….but they will be gifts. 2 baby hats. 2 neckkerchiefs and one shawl…unless I keep it. hee hee

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