Been Knitting More Than Writing Lately

Have you missed me? I have missed writing for  you lately. I’ve been mostly knitting and not much writing lately. In fact, I have one project, Traveling Woman, made with Sockotta Limited, that I have completed but I don’t have a picture yet to post on it. The yarn for this project was generously given to me by a very good friend, Judy S.

I am also working on a Holden Shawlette with a superwash merino/tencil yarn from Happy Fuzzy Yarn. It is looking really great and I am nearing 3/4 of it done. Again, no picture.

I am also still knitting on the Little Loopy Monkey socks. I have one completed and one about 1/2 way done. I also have a pair of plain vanilla toe-up socks in my purse that I knit on when I have a small slice of time. This yarn was also generously given to me from my good friend, Orvietta.  I think I’ll do a separate blog on how all of the yarn from friends has been used.

I’ll try to get some photos and more information on my next post.



2 responses to “Been Knitting More Than Writing Lately

  1. Yes, I missed your posts… I love to know what my friends are making… 😉

  2. I almost started a Holden Shawl on the trip down to Florida. Went with Oaklet Shawl instead. I want to make it bigger since I have more yarn than called for. But, I forgot my scale, so I don’t know how to gauge when to start the lace. Ack! Wonder if a scale for people will work? Or maybe I will take it to a dept store and find a kitchen scale I can put it on?

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