The “Siren” Call of New Yarn!

Siren Yarn with a Lovely Card to boot!

My swap yarn from the Blog Hub at Ravelry came Thursday. I love it! Thanks to Christine (whose Ravelry name is Yarnaboutyarn and her blog is Yarn about yarn.) Check it out!

The yarn itself is a hand-dyed DK weight washable wool and the color name on the label is “Siren!” How cool is that!  My swap partner tells me that her local yarn shop owner hand dyed it herself. And it is from the Land Down Under! Now I know why it took so long to get to me!!! Not that I’m complaining…..I was waiting patiently as I had plenty of other projects in the queue to occupy my time.

Now, I need some help to decide what to make with this lovely yarn! It feels very soft and squishy, so it could be a small cowl or scarf or maybe even a hat. Any ideas?  Right now, I am leaning towards the Grace Lace Beret.

Let me know your ideas!!!



3 responses to “The “Siren” Call of New Yarn!

  1. I love the yarn and the beret is very pretty. Nice choice!

  2. yay! So glad it arrived safely. I think the Grace Lace Beret would be beautiful.

  3. That is some awesomely colored yarn! Woot!

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