I’ve Become a Shawl Fanatic!

So, dear reader, I got on the ‘puter last night and wandered through my Ravelry Queue, where I received quite a shock! I have 13 different shawl/stoll patterns in the queue and only 6 sock patterns! For those who know me as the “Sockknitter” (in fact, that’s my moniker on a lot of sites), that’s a revelation!

When I checked out my WIPs, the projects revealed that I am slowly turning to the shawl side….I have at least 4 shawl patterns on the needles and only two socks.

Last Tuesday evening, I promised Judy S. in our Knit Night group that I would start on any shawl that she wanted to do from the book Victorian Lace Today so that we could work out the pattern together.

And I really, really want to start a Prayer Shawl Ministry!

Hmmmm….I may have to change my pseudonym to Shawlknitter…or maybe just Shawlstarter since I haven’t really finished many shawls lately!



One response to “I’ve Become a Shawl Fanatic!

  1. I am afraid to admit how many shawls I have int he queue. I think it was 25 at last count and then I added 3 more! Oy!

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