Dedication Monday – To My Mom

Today a number of us are dedicating our blogs. My dedication is to my Mom, Margaret Ann Mahar McCreary. Mom passed away a few years ago and I miss her like crazy every day.

She was funny, smart, and a terrific mom. She could NOT sing, but she did it anyway because she loved to sing. She loved children and they swarmed to her like bees to honey. She was always willing to try new things so I was the one who taught her to knit! She liked to knit baby things and, in her later years, dish cloths. She was the one who really encouraged me to keep on knitting and was proud of everything that I knit for her and for others. I talked about the sweater that I knitted earlier this year and how Mom loved it and wore it often.

For her last five years, she lived in Florida and I didn’t see much of her, but she loved living there (but missed being near her grandkids) because she could swim every day.

I see a lot of Mom in me and it makes me proud. So thank you, Mom, for all that you did! I love you and will see you in Heaven!



5 responses to “Dedication Monday – To My Mom

  1. What a sweet post! Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is very sweet ❤ ((((hugs))))

  3. Such a great dedication. Love mahar mccreary! I heard that again this weekend for the first time in years.
    your mom was clearly a huge gift to you and everyone else!!! Thanks for dedicating on blog dedication day!

    • sockknitter1215

      Oh, yeah, my mom was Irish through and through! She loved her heritage! I am proud to be part Irish (and part Scots!) Thank you for your comments!

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