Fiber Overload!!!

Oh. My. Gosh! There were so many different vendors selling yarn, rovings, patterns, spinning wheels, spindles, bags, kits……and more at the The Fiber Event at Greencastle that I pretty much went into Fiber Overload! I’ll let the pictures show  you what happened.

Here we are at Greencastle, already been shopping!

Elizabeth wanted to take home a bunny!

The little lambs were adorable! They did NOT follow us "to school" though!

Who could resist a booth that said "Happy Fuzzy Yarn...Does Your Yarn Make You Happy?"

I did do my share of enhancing my stash, including some lucious sock yarn from Happy Fuzzy Yarn. But I’ll save those pictures for another blog-day!



4 responses to “Fiber Overload!!!

  1. If I hadn’t promised my MIL breakfast out this morning I would have hitched a ride with Lea! Looks like it was fun. Hope you didn’t freeze.

  2. sockknitter1215

    We actually went Friday when it was so rainy! But we had a ball! Not so many animals around, though. I was disappointed in that. OMG, I could not believe the rovings! Makes me itch to be a spinner….but I can’t afford any more expensive habits! LOL!

  3. Thanks for the link, Cindy Lou! That’s a great pic – it is ok if I snag it for my site?

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