Four Projects—No Waiting!

Toe Up Socks Knit from Lorna's Laces

A number of knitters, myself included, like to have several different projects on the needles so that we don’t get bored with just the one project! I try to limit these WIPs (Works-in-Progress) to three or four so I don’t get too many UFO’s (Unfinished Objects)!

In my purse, I always keep a sock knitting as I can pick them up and do them for quick, short periods of time. The Rambling Rows Afghan is one that I started last fall and I am very close to finishing it; the Lucy Bag was started soon after New Year’s Day, and I recently started a red Clapotis lace wrap, which will be a birthday gift for my good friend, Andrea P.

I think that I need to come up with a plan like my friend Lisa B. does when she knits large projects: She figures out when she wants the project to be completed, then divides the total number of rows (or inches) needed to complete it by the number of days/nights she has to knit. She’ll say, “For such and such, I knit 10 rows and then I either read or knit on something else.” In fact, she sometimes designates days for each project: i.e. Monday is socks, Tuesday is sweater, etc.

Perhaps I’ll get one of the four finished this weekend! Cross your fingers for me!




12 responses to “Four Projects—No Waiting!

  1. I try to be faithful, but sometimes I need more than one thing going. But if too much gets on the needles, other things fall by the wayside and become UFOs. Then I have to decide if I am really going to finish the UFO or not. Some have been on the needles for 5-6 years!

    • sockknitter1215

      I hate to admit this, but I do have some projects languishing in my closets, too. I just don’t think of them as “current” because they are mostly in “time out!”

  2. I do love Lorna’s Laces . . . those are some cute socks!

  3. Pretty socks. Love the colors. Your friend has a cool system. I have tried something like that in the past, but never kept up with the schedule. In the end, I just knit whatever catches my interest at a particular moment.

  4. Oh, to be as organized as your pal – I just do the math thinking I’m knitting x stitches in a minute, so it will take ages before I can finish, no matter how many rows I fit in at a time.

    • sockknitter1215

      I’m not quite as organized as Lisa. I did, however, set up a system for my Christmas knitting. I’ll blog about that later in July.

  5. Love the socks and the color. I’d love to keep a project in my purse. What a great idea!

    • sockknitter1215

      I think that I have kept a sock knitting in my purse almost from the time I learned to do socks. I do love short projects!

  6. Oh good! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who keeps half-knitted socks tucked into my purse. The socks are like my version of a visa card. I never leave home without it!

    • sockknitter1215

      I soo agree on the sock-knitting. That’s why I have been looking for a good “plain vanilla” type toe-up sock pattern. I keep those type of projects in my purse and knit as I can. Thanks for your comment and for loving this post! –Cindy

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