Friends are the Lifelines of My Life

When you are knitting a complicated pattern, it is good to put in lifelines. A lifeline is a length of thread or yarn threaded through a row of knitting. My friends have been my lifelines! Really! They are fun, help me to laugh at myself, offer me great insights on my problems, and just plain make me giggle!

Today, I’m going to talk about my knitting friends. They are the ones who I can call/email/text and ask for help with a pattern. OR they might call/email/text me with a problem.

If you do not currently have a group of friends with whom you knit or crochet on a regular basis, I encourage you to find some! These “stitch and bitch” sessions really help! The weekly (or by- weekly) sessions will help you to learn new techniques. You will be encouraged to try new patterns or ways of knitting. Plus, we ALWAYS cheer when somebody brings in a finished object!

So, today, I tip my hat to the Gibson County IN Twisted Knitters! (Yes, weird name. We are trying to come up with a new one.) They are truly my lifelines! I love that we have people of all ages and stages of life!

I won’t name them all because I am afraid that I might miss someone. I will post some pictures that I have taken over the years, but the pictures do not show everyone! Like all groups, some folks are not able to co

me during certain weeks.

Thank you, ladies, for loving me and being there when I needed you most! You are all truly my lifelines!!!


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