Appreciation Makes Me Smile

One of the best things about knitting (or any hand-made gift, for that matter) are the people who truly appreciate your hard work. I am lucky to have several people in my family who absolutely LOVE everything I knit for them. One of them was my mother, who went to be with the Lord about 5 years ago. Another fan of my knitting is my Aunt Jean.

Aunt Jean is one of my mom’s older sisters. She was such a big help when I organized and planned Mom and Dad’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Party that I knitted a pair of socks for her. Early in December, my Aunt asked if I would consider knitting another pair of socks for her. “Sure!” I replied, “But you have to wait until I finish my Christmas gift knitting.”

So, on January 1st, I purchased some sock yarn and some worsted weight wool to make socks and a pair of felted clogs for this sweet person. I finished them and sent them off to her in Edwardsburg Michigan last week. (And, yes, I totally forgot to take pictures of them!)

On Monday of this week, I received a phone call from my Aunt. She told me that she loved the two pairs of socks and especially the slippers! She wanted to pay for them, for the postage, etc. No way, Aunt Jean. Those were knitted with love for you!

My Aunt’s appreciation and enthusiasm of my knitting helped me to get over a bit of the “blahs” that I developed during this long, cold winter!

I hope that you have something to smile about today, too!


5 responses to “Appreciation Makes Me Smile

  1. That is so great—I love making things for folks who I know will appreciate them 😉

    • sockknitter1215

      Thanks, Sam. I do, too! In fact, I tell most people who want to pay for my knitting, “I have to love you to knit for you!”

  2. I agree — knitting for people who appreciate it is just a terrific experience. Your aunt sounds like a lovely person.

  3. It is truly lovely when people appreciate the hard work and more importantly, the love that goes into knitting. What a fabulous aunt you have!

  4. Knitting for love is the only thing you can do. Knitting for money is not economically feasible. But it’s satifying to knit just for the love of knitting and especially for the love of the recipient.

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