I have a new definition for Webster’s Dictionary…”projectitis!

Def. – When a knitter, who already has a number of projects already on the needles, finds a new pattern (yarn, kit, etc.) and decides to start yet ANOTHER PROJECT!

– also can be a condition (non-medical) when one decides to drop one knit project for a new/different one.

– Can also apply to other crafts, such as crochet, cross stitch, scrapbooking, etc.

I freely admit it. I have projectitis! I must have about 10 projects on various needles throughout my house! And when I purchase new yarn….I have to start something with it right away.

So, this summer, I have been trying to curb my projectitis. Notice I did not say “cure,” but “curb.” I don’t really think there is a cure for projectitis.

I have managed to finish at least one of my languishing projects and I have started knitting and/or frogged several others.

How about you? Any others with this curious disease? Any ideas on how to curb it? Talk to me!

TTFN! Cindy


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