Why I Like to Knit Socks

There is something so satisfying about knitting socks. For me, I enjoy both the process (the knitting and in some cases, the frogging and reknitting) and the end result. So I thought I would name the top ten reasons why I like to knit socks. I may add more later, as I think of them. They are in random order.

  1. I like to see a finished product fairly quickly and socks are small enough that I can usually finish them within a week or so.
  2. I hate to sew and since socks have no sewing, just grafting, they are perfect.
  3. I also hate to block. Most socks don’t require blocking.
  4. Since I have a “beer budget” with “champagne tastes,” socks allow me to buy special yarn, like cashmere, with which I can knit a wearable object.
  5. My feet are almost always cold. Wool socks keep them nice and toasty warm. Washable wool means I don’t have to be careful about throwing them in the washer.
  6. Since my feet are small, my socks really don’t take much  time to do.
  7. When I first started knitting, I disliked purling. Once you get past the cuff, you don’t have much purling to do.
  8. Again, socks mean a small ball of yarn and smaller needles, so they make the perfect traveling knitting project. I keep a bag of socks-in-progress in my purse at all times and have been known to whip them out when I have some time to wait.
  9. There are SO many neat sock yarns out now that it is quite possible to just do a “plain vanilla” sock and come up with something that really looks fabulous.
  10. You can take the sock pattern and modify it to fit your feet, your preferences, or whatever to make a truly unique item. 

 Well, that’s my reasoning for liking to knit socks. What’s yours?

TTFN, Cindy


One response to “Why I Like to Knit Socks

  1. I like that with socks I’m committing to a short project since I’m usually experimenting with a new stitch or technique. Also even though I live in a fairly warm climate, when my feet hurt or are tired, soft wool socks are so comforting.

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